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What is a Visual Identity Designer? 

The brand is the connection between the business or organization and its audience. The visual identity is how the business communicates its personality, tone, and purpose.

Visual identity is the creation of elements that act as the face of the brand. It communicates tangible qualities through images, shapes, and color. A visual identity designer creates elements like the logo or icon mark, the typography, color palettes, and image libraries. A style guide, think of it as a manual, is developed to maintain brand consistency through all forms of future marketing and advertising.



A questionnaire is submitted to provide insights into the organization's purpose, goals, vision, and mission. Armed with this information, the digging begins with studying the local and national industry, its competitors, and the traits of the target audience. The information obtained in this research is critical in determining the style and personality of the visual identity of the organization. As well as to confirm the identity is not similar to any other organization.



The design stage is the phase of combining the creative elements, refining the illustrations in a digital form, and establishing the final elements of the visual identity.

Designs are submitted for review and any minor changes or additions as needed. This is the stage of applying the finishing touches of the identity.



Concepting is the phase that tabulates all of the information in the first stage and begins the creative process of sketching, pulling design elements together, colors, typography, and images. Visual samples are provided to confirm the direction is on track with the brand and illustrations are reviewed and narrowed down.

Professional Printing


Packaging (style guide) is the final stage of organizing and handing off the brand's design elements; icon mark, color palettes, typography, and images in a manual format.

The manual is the foundation or the "holy grail" of how the brand presents itself in appearance, tone, and practices to ensure brand consistency throughout all forms of communication.

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