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LA Designs is a design agency that specializes in consulting and multiple forms of graphic design; environmental graphic design, marketing & advertising graphic design, and visual identity graphic design.

Our focus is to provide education, client care, and producing the highest quality designs and products.


Honesty, reliability, and presence throughout the entire project, from start to finish and beyond, is our top priority.


As a full-service consultant and design agency, we partner and collaborate with:

  • Interior designers, architects, developers, and contractors for wayfinding signage systems

  • New and existing business owners, directors, managers, and other marketing/advertising professionals for printed collateral pieces

  • Branding specialists and business owners for logos, typography, color palettes, and image libraries

With over 36 years in the industry, we recognize significant pain points for all involved that only an experienced consultant and designer can resolve. We know bringing these services under “one roof”, will eliminate stress, confusion, budget issues, and delays often found in design and construction projects.

Click the button below for a free consultation and let’s bring creativity to your brand and environment.


Meet Lisa

Hello! I'm Lisa and I'm a designer, color enthusiast and a font geek. I could talk your ear all day long about anything design, but don't worry I won't do least not today.

I had for as long as I can remember dreams that some day I would own a design business in some form. Whether it was a commercial design agency, (even pondered architecture, but too much physics for me), floral design or anything creative. Never thinking it was a possibility until one day I found myself at a cross roads. Either find new employment or explore opening my own design firm. My fingers were crossed for my own design firm, but let's be real it takes financial backing to do that and I was pursuing both options. I told myself whichever happened first, that that was what I was meant to do.  Can you guess which came first? 

Lisa july 2020 retouch.jpg

Now with over 13+ years of owning my own business and 35+ years in the industry, I know that I would never do anything differently. I love getting to work with clients every day who are passionate about making their brands a success - knowing that having a design concept in mind is part of that success.

To this day, two of my favorite things are bringing beauty to the environment and the client's eyes lighting up when they see their name in a physical space. It brings me joy knowing I've played an important role in making their brand unique to them and seeing them succeed in their business endeavors. 

When I'm not working, you will more than likely find me hanging out at the gym, lake, laughing with friends, race track, deer woods, and playing with my grand-dog, Hank.

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