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Marketing & advertising work are tangible and digital collateral pieces that reinforce the brand and its identity. This form of visual content engages people with the brand and communicates the message of the brand. It is one of the most powerful processes in connecting your audience. 

Print material include business cards, postcards, posters, banners, apparel, specialty items, signage and print ads

Digital pieces include social media ads, email ads, and images for the website and blogs.

When the collateral pieces are consistent with the brand's style guide, the success of the brand is elevated above all others in this world of information overload. It will provide credibility and trust through its strategic recognition campaign.

Print materials

Print pieces are not a thing of the past. Studies show that touching tangible materials of a brand will hold the viewers' memory longer than digital advertising alone. However, for a successful marketing campaign, it is important to pair both print and digital pieces together.

Digital materials

Digital advertising (both online and in publications) is an important component of the full brand marketing strategy. 

Digital pieces include social media posts/ads, email ads, website design, and blog posts image. 

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