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What is an Environmental Graphic Consultant + Designer? 

An environmental graphic consultant + designer helps clients develop a visually branded system that utilizes the multidisciplinary approach of communicating and connecting people to their environment with a meaningful experience.

​Through various elements of graphic design, architectural, interior, landscape and industrial design, environmental designs complement and support the architecture or space to provide identification and direction for the visitor.

These services are communicated through three different forms of visuals:

1. Brand communication and Identity
    Brand communication and identity is expressed through graphics and signage to inform of who you are and what       you stand for.

2. Wayfinding and Directional
    Wayfinding and directional is a systematic strategic plan of unifying the space with directing the visitor from point       A to point B.

3. Recognition
    Recognition is an interactive experience that educates, engages and inspires the visitor on a personal level.



Through a thorough consultation, we review the design plans for new or existing builds, analyze traffic patterns, site observations, and collaborate with the architects, engineers, and building owners on developing a cohesive signage system that will complement the surroundings.



We delve into all possible processes and materials to develop a preliminary budget and propose recommended phase planning.



We will provide a developmental package consisting of a functional framework of effective signage systems that follows local ADA compliance regulations, and reinforces the client's brand while balancing it with the cultural environment.



We provide a comprehensive masterplan package that includes final signage design directive along with a detailed product description, fabrication details and final sign location.

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