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Environmental signage is responsible for navigating visitors through the built space (wayfinding), communicating identity (placemaking), and information (interpretation). And through multiple forms of signage, these goals are achieved.

Wayfinding signage main focus is to communicate site navigation through forms of ADA compliant signage to directional signage and directories.

Placemaking signage is to make the connection, reinforce the brand through dimensional lettering, street banners, monument signage or custom signage.


Interpretation signage tells a story through historical or recognition exhibits. 

Wayfinding Signage

Consists of ADA compliant room signage, directionals, room identifiers in dimensional form, plaques and vinyl graphic options.

Placemaking Signage

Placemaking is any type of signs that identify and reflect the brand. This is typically achieved with dimensional logos and monument signs. The dimensional logos can be located in the lobby, reception area or the exterior facade of the building. The monument sign is always installed at the entrance or street side of the property and at ground level. Both the dimensional logos and monument signs can be non-illuminated, internally illuminated or externally illuminated.

Street banners are another form of placemaking signage.

Interpretation Signage

Interpretation signage also known as recognition signage, it is one of the most memorable forms of telling a story, honoring history, important people that have played pivotal roles in the community, and recognizing generous contributions.

They bring the viewer into the life of the honoree, organization, or structure through informative and interactive messaging.

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