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What is a Marketing & Advertising Designer? 

Marketing & advertising designers work with company owners, directors, managers, non-profits, or other marketing professionals to design assets for individualizing marketing campaigns. The brand and style guides are the foundation in developing all forms of collateral pieces for print, digital and more for the message and/or marketing campaign. 

The printed pieces reinforce the brand and the identity of the organization. They communicate the message of the brand and engage people based on their wants, needs, awareness, and satisfaction they have about a product, service, or brand. Visual content is the most powerful process in engaging people with the brand. Several examples of this type of design are postcards, print ads, posters, banners, signage, social media ads, and images for websites and blogs.

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The best path for print and digital graphics are examined based on the target audience, the goal of the campaign or message, how and where the final piece needs to land, and the budget to produce the most effective forms of marketing pieces.

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Design and fabrication collaborate to bring the creations to life utilizing the best quality products and workmanship to ensure longevity of the message.

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Using the brand's style guide as the foundation for all design, unique, eye-catching graphics are created to produce the message in a seamless manner that reinforces the message and the brand.

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Installation is the final step and most critical aspect of the completion of the branded image and message. Safety, secure attachment, and maximum visibility (according to local sign codes) are the key points at the time of installation.

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