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What intriguing ideas are hidden behind the purple door?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Did you know there is a difference between purple and violet? Many are confused with the difference and interchange those names when describing purple or violet colors. It's easy to understand how this happens because they are so similar at first glance.

Want to take a peek into the difference?

Did you know that violet is a natural color? One that is rarely seen in nature? Its rarity is probably the reason it is considered a symbol of royalty, extravagance, individualism and unconventionality.

Violet is a considered a spectral color. Meaning it is the color that can only be seen when holding a prism against visible light. It is a single hue color, a natural color, that can be difficult to replicate. For example, if mixing paint or inks for print to create a violet color, it can very quickly go from purple to blue. The reason, red is a strong color, and adding blue to red creates purple. But if too much blue is added, then the red is overpowered and you have a rich, dark blue. It's a fine line from purple to violet to blue.

Whereas, purple as mentioned above is a combination of mixing red and blue together in similar ratios of each. Purple can have numerous shades and tints just by adding small amounts of other colors, ie; white, black, gray, yellow, orange. And just like red, purple is a very bold color too.

How many different ways can you describe purple or violet?

Plum • Raisin • Grape • Mulberry • Lavender

Mauve • Lilac • Fuchsia • Periwinkle • Magenta

Sangria • Indigo • Eggplant • Jam • Amethyst

Wine • Iris • Wisteria • Orchid • Blackberry

These are only a few descriptions of the different shades and tints of the color purple. (Raise your hand if you are humming the song "Purple Rain" as you read this. LOL!)

So what are your ideas of purple? Ready to check out the ideas behind the door? If so, reach out to me to learn more about color and their meaning.

Explore color,


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